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The Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley Saga Continues

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Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley have been going back and forth against one another for quite some time now throughout Durant’s career. Ever since Durant went on to play for the Golden State Warriors back in 2016, Barkley has never given Durant credit for his championship achievements.

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Earlier today, a quote came out via Durant and Rich Kleinman’s company the Boardroom in which Durant said that he doesn’t like Barkley’s method as an analyst.

Kevin Durant went on to also talk about the bus driver analogy that Barkley used back last year on TNT and Durant to this day still doesn’t understand what Barkley is trying to get at with that comment.

“Why is that analogy even bought up for teams?” Durant said. “You know what I’m saying like we ain’t on no f****** bus. I feel like the only reason why that even kept traction was because that was about me specifically. If that was about any other player that s*** wouldn’t have even hit like that.”

Durant continued on to talk about why Barkley started this analogy and came to the conclusion that it’s probably because he used to view the game that way as being the bus driver.

“That’s how Charles Barkley looked at the game and that’s probably why he didn’t get what he wanted because he thought it was all about being a bus driver. When we all sitting on the bus together.”

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At the end of the day, Durant doesn’t feel that there is any beef between him and Barkley. But he would like for Barkley to not show negativity all the time just because he’s in the media.

“I wouldn’t call it beef. I just think he’s mad opinionated and he feels as though that’s his job to be mad opinionated in a negative way against players.”

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