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Sean Payton: I think next week we’re going to know a lot more

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During the FOX pregame ahead of the NFC Championship game on Sunday, Sean Payton addressed the question that everybody wants to know the answer to.

Payton has interviewed with multiple teams over the past couple of weeks, but most recently had a seven-hour discussion with the Arizona Cardinals.

“I think in the next week we’re going to know a lot more.”

As of now, it seems like the Cardinals are the front runners to land the Hall of Fame coach next season. The Denver Broncos are there in close second.

More from Sean Payton and his viewpoint on the situation.

However, there is still a high possibility that Payton stays with FOX as an NFL analyst if none of the landing spots seem attractive.

With the news that quarterback Kyler Murray is not expected to return until the halfway point of the 2023 season, it is definitely unsure if Payton wants to take that chance on Arizona.

But, like he said, we will likely have answers by the end of next week.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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