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Suns are reportedly “tired” of Deandre Ayton

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After a disappointing 2023 playoff run, the Suns are expected to make quite a few changes to the roster. One of these moves may very well include trading away C Deandre Ayton.

Per Zach Lowe at ESPN, multiple people inside the Suns organization are tired of Ayton.

“The organizational discontent, impatience, eye rolling with Ayton…go way beyond Monty Williams. There’s a lot of people in that organization that are tired of Deandre Ayton.”

Ayton has played all five seasons of his career in Phoenix. After being drafted #1 overall in 2018, he met expectations in his rookie season, being named to the NBA All-Rookie team.

While his stat lines have not necessarily seen a drastic falloff, it is his effort and energy that the Suns have almost had enough of.

Already, there has been plenty of speculation on where the 24-year-old will be next season. The Dallas Mavericks are one of many that have shown some signs of interest.

However, with Ayton’s massive $130 million contract, it will be no easy task for the Suns to find a deal that will benefit both sides.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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