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WATCH: The Stats That Hurt the Suns Most in Game 5

Once again, the Suns find themselves with their backs against the wall. 

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Today we briefly go over some of the ways the Nuggets once again beat the Suns in Denver.

One thing I’d like to bring up first is what home-field-advantage means to the Nuggets.

So far, the Suns have never lost by a margin of less than 10 in the Conference Semifinals. Game 2 was their closest contest in Denver, losing by 10, but in Games 1 and 5, the Suns lost by scores of greater than 16.

Game 1: 107 – 125 @ DEN

Game 2: 87 – 97 @ DEN

Game 5: 102 – 118 @ DEN

Here’s why yesterday was a tough one.

Firstly, an interesting statistic that worked out for the Suns in Game 4 and this time for the Nuggets was their 3-Point accuracy.

Each team attempted 27 3-Point shots, and the Nuggets made 4 more buckets from downtown. That alone counts for 12 of the 16 point spread between the two teams.

Another factor contributing to the Suns struggle was the uncharacteristic inconsistency of Kevin Durant, who had a field goal % of 41.7%, going 0/3 in 3-Pointers. It seemed as though Durant was having an off-day, considering even behind the Free-Throw line he ended with a 66.7% accuracy, going 6/9.

Now, the Suns are returning to the Footprint Center in another must-win situation. Last time we were in a tough spot, we rallied back and tied the series.

If they want to do that again and once again have a shot at moving on to face the winner of the Warriors and the Lakers, they need to let out all the stops.


“We have all the answers to the test now, all the game plan stuff comes out the window. It’s just a dogfight and you have to be ready to go.”

-Devin Booker, Interview following Game 5


Well, Mr. Booker, the Suns fans are ready to go too. Tomorrow is Game #6 here in beautiful Phoenix, AZ. Put on your jerseys and ready your popcorn, it’s go time.

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