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Skip Bayless Sides With Devin Booker in Luka Dončić Feud

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Devin Booker has had quiet a few bump-ins with Luka in recent times, but the latest may have been the most intensive.

Sunday brought out the best of the Phoenix Suns rivalry with the Dallas Mavericks, and in the latest bout, Skip Bayless is taking up for the Suns.

The Undisputed analyst had some rather bold words for Doncic, who had a few questionable calls go in his favor on Sunday.

“I am on Devin Booker’s side here,” stated Bayless on Monday’s episode of Undisputed. “Because Luka is alienating me more by the game, with all his whining and [explicit] and moaning and complaining about every single call.”

“…I think the Phoenix Suns are saying ‘Give us a break, just give us a little break here.'”

Sunday was a battle of the stars, with Booker and Dončić exchanging scoring blows alongside their respective counterparts in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

As time winded down in the fourth quarter, Dončić attempted a last-second layup that would’ve closed the gap on the Suns’ lead. As Dončić missed the layup, Booker appeared to say something to the referees, prompting some harsh words from Dončić.

While Booker has downplayed the near-scuffle as just two competitors competing, the Suns surely along with the rest of the viewing world watched some of the questionable calls unfold for Dončić Sunday.

Dončić attempted an incredible 19 free-throws against the Suns, some of which landed against forward Josh Okogie. In those plays, it was fairly simple to see Okogie being baited into the foul after multiple shoves from Dončić.

Unfortunately for NBA fans, the Suns ended their season series with the Mavs on Sunday. The chance does remain that a Booker – Dončić rematch could transpire in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Suns will focus on staying in the playoff picture with 17 games remaining. Phoenix is currently sitting in the fourth seed of the Western Conference.


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