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Phillies Fans Have Already Found Their Motivation.

The one thing you do not want to do if you are playing against the Phillies in October is give them any kind of bulletin board material or something to yell at. They feed off it and will do anything to get power over the other team.

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We saw this with Orlando Arcia in the previous series. Some media personality thought he heard Arcia say “Atta boy Harper” in the locker room after Harper got thrown out at first to end game 2. No one knows if it was said, not even the media personality, but Phillies fans used it as motivation, and so did Bryce Harper.


Well, the Phillies fans have found their motivation, and to be honest, it’s so insane how they found it so fast, but they did. What is this motivation, you ask?

A tweet by D. Baxter the Bobcat about the Philly Phanatic 10 years ago, yes, ten years ago.

This tweet has caused Philly fans to go into MJ mode and are quote-tweeting and commenting on it. Here are some of the highlights.

Citizens Bank Park will be rocking tomorrow. Now, they have an enemy to rally against.

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