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Devin Booker and Kevin Durant Respond to Noah Lyles NBA Champions Comments

Noah Lyles made national news around the sports world when he made some comments that NBA players would not want to hear.

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In a press conference interview, Lyles made comments about the difference between being a world champion and just a champion in your respective country.

With this, he threw shade at the United States and specifically NBA players for how it shows world champions on the teams’ banners when they win the NBA Finals.

It’s safe to say NBA players around the world didn’t take kindly to these thoughts and Suns players Devin Booker and Kevin Durant responded back to Lyles’ statement that he made towards NBA players.

The NBA has brought some of the best athletes not only in the United States but in the entire world to play in their league for some time now.

A prime example is Nikola Jokic who is from Serbia, just won NBA Finals MVP and became an NBA Champion. Joel Embiid, who is from Cameroon, just won NBA MVP.

The NBA isn’t just a league that Americans play in, but it’s widely known as one of the top leagues in the world based in the United States.

Every ethnicity, race, country, and continent has players who are the best athletes in the world to be part of that league and that’s something that’s missing in Lyles’ comments.

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It wasn’t shocking to see NBA players band together to come to the defense of their league as they did. When you have a popular league like the NBA, it’s understandable why they would promote world champions when you have the best of the best athletes in the world playing for that league.

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