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Suns Fans Split Over Young vs. Nurse – Who Will Coach?

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Who will coach the Phoenix Suns?

Since the firing of Monty Williams, the Phoenix Suns have hosted interviews for their next head coach. Arizona fans have been left in suspense, as the Suns have had a rocky competitive history under the tutelage of many different coaches.

Followers of the sport from all around the United States have chimed in on this race.

Of course, there are other options within this race for the head coaching job (see below), but fans do seem torn between the possibilities of Young and Nurse.

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Much of the resistance to Kevin Young becoming head coach is that he would be coming into his first season of head coaching in the NBA. He has head coached a pro team in Ireland, an NBA developmental league, and has a role as an assistant head coach with the Philadelphia 76ers.

He is rumored to have strong endorsement for the head coaching job from players such as Devin Booker. According to FanDuel, only 9 rookie head coaches have won a championship in the 77 seasons of the NBA. One of those coaches, interestingly enough, is Nick Nurse.

Nick Nurse, contrarily, has been toted as the best head coach in the history of the Toronto Raptor’s franchise. He led the team to their only NBA championship victory in 2019 (his rookie year) and was named NBA Coach of the Year in 2020.

A nail-biting process for Suns fans, who do you think is the better choice?

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