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Jonathan Gannon on NFLPA report: “They’ll be excited about changes that are coming”

Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon introduced some of his staff members and fellow coaches at the Cardinals facility in Tempe on March 8, 2023. Nfl Cardinals Offensive Assistant Coaches Introduction
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During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Cardinals’ head coach Jonathan Gannon addressed the recent criticism that followed from an, to put it bluntly, embarrassing NFLPA report.

In the report, the Cardinals were ranked second-worst in the NFL when it comes to field and workout facilities. Additionally, they were the only known team that actually took money out of the players paychecks for meals taken home during the offseason.

Despite the issue most definitely being a problem for long-time owner Michael Bidwill, it was Gannon who had the question asked first.

Gannon, of course, has only been the Cardinals’ head coach for a little over a month and a half.

“They’ll be excited about the changes that are coming.”

While it was an incredibly broad answer, at the very least, it proves that Arizona’s front office has seen the report and has heard the backlash.

Hopefully at the beginning of the upcoming season this fall, fans will be able to see a noticeable difference in the Cardinals’ training facilities.

If Arizona wants to have a successful offseason regarding free agency signings, it would be wise for Michael Bidwill to advertise State Farm Stadium as an attractive stadium to play at. Because as of right now, the Cardinals’, or more specifically Bidwill, are being looked at as cheap, and that is the last thing any organization wants.

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