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Phoenix Suns Preseason Grade: Devin Booker

The Phoenix Suns ended their preseason with a record of 4-1. Ultimately the wins and losses mean absolutely nothing but how did they play? What players stood out? Do the stars look like they are ready to carry the load when needed? Let’s take a look at Devin Booker’s preseason.

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Detroit Pistons

In the Suns first preseason game they were on the road against the Detroit Pistons. The Suns won the game 130-126 in overtime. Detroit made a comeback in the fourth quarter of that game to make it close. The first three quarters were dominated by the Suns.

Devin Booker came out of the gates in “mid-season” form. Booker scored 12 points on 5/9 shooting from the floor and 2/4 from three point range. Booker accumulated a plus/minus of +16 in just 15 minutes played.

Trailblazers in Portland

None of the big three, Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, or Booker played in the second preseason game against the Denver Nuggets. In the third preseason game against Portland. Durant and Booker played and looked very good. In the second quarter the Suns went on a 21-2 run to close out the half.

Booker did most of his damage in the first quarter of that game. He finished with 18 points, 5 assists, and a plus/minus of +18 in 21 minutes. This was another performance where Booker looked to be ready for the regular season.

Trailblazers in Phoenix

The Suns played against the Trailblazers in back to back games. The second one played out in a similar fashion to the first game. The second quarter seems to be the Suns favorite quarter. They were able to create another 20 point lead against Portland in that game.

Booker did not disappoint in this game. He scored 19 points in 18 minutes. The Blazers were short handed in this game and tried to throw different looks at the Suns. It didn’t matter if they were playing physical man to man or in a 2-3 zone, Booker was going to score.

Devin Booker’s Preseason Grade

Devin Booker was excellent in the preseason. He scored at a high and efficient rate in each game that he played in. He was able to shoot the mid-range and three point shot very well. Booker was also locked in on the defensive end. Looking at the three games that Booker played in. Not only did Booker play well but the team played well when he was in the game. Devin Booker’s preseason grade is an A+.

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