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Do Kevin Durant and Devin Booker Have the Best Signature Shoes in the NBA?

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The Phoenix Suns have two players who have signature shoes with Nike. Kevin Durant has had signature shoes for a very long time now and Devin Booker just recently revealed his first signature shoe.

The newest colorways of the “KD16” shoes have also been revealed in the last few weeks.

Now when you compare the KD’s and Nike Book 1’s to other signature shoes around the NBA. Are they the best of the bunch?

The Los Angeles Clippers have a few players with signature shoes. Kawhi Leonard has a deal with New Balance, Paul George is with Nike and Russell Westbrook is with Jordan. Leonard and New Balance have released some very unique shoes.

Paul George’s shoes are among the most popular in the sneaker community.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are in the running for best signature shoes in the NBA. The other team in Los Angeles has a player in the conversation as well. LeBron James has been with Nike for over twenty years now.

Steph Curry’s shoes were made fun of on social media for a while but now they seem to have the approval of the shoe community.

There are some new comers to the signature shoe game as well. Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball has a deal with Puma.

New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson has deal with Jordan Brand.

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant unveiled his first pair of signature shoes this past season.

There are so many great signature shoes that are available. We are in the golden era of basketball sneakers. Which players have the best signature shoes?

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