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NBA TNT Crew Criticize Deandre Ayton After Poor Performance Last Night

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The NBA on TNT is one of the most popular TV shows on any programming network. Former NBA legends like Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, and host Ernie Johnson (even though he wasn’t on this episode) make this show one of the most entertaining shows to tune on to after a big game.

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Well, last night was that time as Kenny Smith didn’t mince words about how he felt about Deandre Ayton’s performance and what the element of the Suns’ problems are in last night’s loss against the Dallas Mavericks.

“To me, it’s the interior. Too much pressure on a guy that I don’t think is a scorer. He’s got the money of a scorer, but I don’t think he’s a scorer.”

Barkley went a step further on Ayton’s performance by holding him accountable for the way he’s been playing so far this season.

“He should be a 25-point guy,” Barkley says after the loss. “He should be 8 for 12 he missed like four little jumpers. They paid him that money because they thought he was going to take the next step. You know how much I love Chris Paul, but he’s 102 years old. It has got to be (Devin) Booker and Ayton. Booker is gonna do his thing. Ayton is the guy. There are no tall guys for the Mavericks, he should be killing them.”

O’Neal offered a more subtle answer by alluding to how Ayton is not utilized in the offense as nearly enough.

“He’s not a 25-point guy because he’s not a focal point in the offense. They don’t look for him in the offense like that. All he does is set screens and rebounds.”

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There are a lot of people pointing the finger at Deandre Ayton for last night’s loss against the Dallas Mavericks. On a positive note, the Suns are slowly getting healthy and getting back on the right track in the Western Conference. A lot of basketball left.

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