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Report: The Suns Are Looking For Three Things In Deal For Crowder

Jae Crowder
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The saga continues between the Phoenix Suns and Jae Crowder as there are still no suitors and moves made in regards to getting something in return for Crowder.

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According to reports, the reason why this may be the case is that the Suns are looking for the following three things in a deal for Jae Crowder that might have teams not willing to budge.

The Suns are seeking out a first-round pick, a good young player, and a solid rotation player. If they can’t get all three, then they’re looking to require at least two of the following pieces to fall into place.

With the trade deadline right around the corner and the Jae Crowder situation being at a standstill for months, it’s hard to imagine whether or not the Suns can get the deal that they want for him this late in the process.

A lot of teams are going to potentially low ball them into an offer that they may not want only because the league knows Crowder doesn’t want to be there and the Suns have already moved on with Cameron Johnson.

At this point, hopefully the Suns can just just get one of three things to fall into place and call it a day only because it’s been dragging on for far too long and they need something in return.

Another dead end in the Jae Crowder trade drama

The trade deadline is set at February 9th and the Suns need to act on something as soon as possible.

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