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Kyler Murray on Recent Backlash: It’s disrespectful, it’s almost a joke.

Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
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Earlier this week quarterback Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals found themselves in the hot seat after new information was released regarding the quarterback’s contract.

In the $230.5 million contract extension, Murray had also signed onto an agreement to which he would have to spend at least four hours a week on “independent study time”

At first, social media had a field day on him, but now Murray responds.

He described the conversations about his work ethic and commitment to be, “disrespectful” and “almost a joke”

He then went on to tell CBS sports:

“Of course, we all watch film. That doesn’t need to be questioned. I refuse to let my work ethic and my preparation be in question. I’ve put in an incomprehensible amount of time in what I do”

Players such as Zach Ertz and Budda Baker have jumped to Kyler’s side defending his name. Ertz told the media on Tuesday, “In my opinion, Kyler knows the playbook inside and out”.

Should fans still be worried about the “independent study time” agreement?


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