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The Weather May Be The Star of the Cardinals vs Bears Game

Today the (3-11) Arizona Cardinals are on the road against the (5-9) Chicago Bears. Chicago is known for it’s frigid weather.

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Today is not expected to be one of the colder days as the temperature is expected to be 50 degrees with wind gusts of up to 10 miles per hour. The real problem is the fog.

This will make it extremely hard on offenses to pass the ball and for defenses to decipher what the offenses are doing. It just sets up for a horribly played game.

There have been games played in extreme conditions like this before. The “Fog Bowl” was a game between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles on December 31st, 1988.

Two separate quarterbacks had three interceptions in that game. Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham went 27/54 for 407 yards, 0 touchdowns, and three interceptions. Bears quarterback Mike Tomczak went 10/20 for 172 yards, 1 touchdown and three interceptions.

The Chicago Bears were at home and defeated the Eagles, 20-12. Kyler Murray and Justin Fields better hope that the fog clears by game time and this isn’t “Fog Bowl 2”.

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