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WATCH: Sunsational Style – The Five Most Iconic Phoenix Suns Jerseys

PHOENIX – Basketball fans, buckle up. We’re about to take a trip down memory lane and explore the Phoenix Suns’ top five jerseys of all time. Could you guess number one? Well that’s easy, but what about the top three? Your choices may have gotten harder with the release of the new icon and association jerseys for 2023.

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That’s where things get tricky.

Let’s start with number five: the Orange Icon Jersey. This beauty debuted in 2021 and instantly became a hit. It’s all about that bright orange color that pops out on the court, with some purple and white accents to balance it out.

Moving on to number four, we have the White Association Jersey. This one is a classic that dates back to 2018. It’s a crisp and elegant design, with that iconic purple and orange drip. You’ve probably seen this one a lot, and for good reason—it’s a timeless fan favorite.

Taking the bronze medal is the Purple Statement Jersey, also introduced in 2018. This design keeps it simple yet effective with a solid purple color that demands attention. And let’s not forget that bold “PHX” wordmark—it’s sleek and shows off Suns pride. Oh, and did we mention that this jersey was the first to rock a black collar?

Now, let’s get to number two: the Valley Jersey. This one is a more recent addition that fans have gone crazy for since its launch in 2021. This one is a modern twist on the classic purple and orange combo, with a stunning gradient effect. Plus, the “Valley” wordmark pays tribute to the Suns’ home state of Arizona. And guess what? It’s the first Suns jersey to feature a gradient design. How cool is that?

And finally, drumroll please! The number one Suns jersey of all time is none other than the legendary Sunburst Jersey. This one was worn by the team from 1992 to 1996 and is the epitome of iconic. With its bold colors and classic design, it’s no wonder it’s etched in the memories of Suns fans. And let’s not forget the legends who wore this jersey, like Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, and Dan Majerle. It’s the jersey that the Suns on their epic journey to the NBA Finals in 1993, best memory ever.

What about the new icon and association jerseys for 2023? Well, folks, I have a feeling they might just break into that top three list soon. They’re sleek, modern, and capture the essence of the team and the city. I want to hear your thoughts. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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