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Arizona Diamondbacks

WATCH: Arizona Diamondbacks This Season – By the Numbers

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Statistical Highlights for the D-Backs This Season.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are making newsworthy moves this baseball season (even if those moves take out a few birds) but what do the stats look like for this team thus far?

This Might be the Best Trade of the Decade

Let’s break it down:


Lourdes Gurriell Jr. leads the team in his batting average of .317, the Diamondbacks as a team have a batting average of .264.


Christian Walker leads the team in Home Runs, accounting for 11 of the teams 56 Home Runs so far. He also leads the team in Runs Batted In at 34, while the entire team has a total of 257 Runs.


Corbin Carroll holds 34% of the teams stolen bases so far at 13, adding to the total number of 41.


The Diamondbacks are currently 29-21 with a % of .580, ranked 2nd in the NL West behind the Dodgers.


Their next three games will be against the Boston Red Sox, who have a batting average of only .002 worse than the Dbacks, yet 5 more runs across their season.


And after that the Colorado Rockies, who have a batting average of .254 and 37 less runs. The Rockies are ranked 5th in the NL West.


The top hitters for the Boston Red Socks and the Colorado Rockies are Masataka Yoshida and Elias Diaz, the former of whom has bat at a .299 average and the latter at .343.


The #ArizonaBorn team won the World Series in 2001, 22 years later do they have what it takes to shock the league?


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