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NFL commissioner will begin to investigate allegations against Cardinals’ owner Michael Bidwill

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While the Cardinals have denied any wrongdoing, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will open an investigation into their owner Michael Bidwill.

Terry McDonough, a former Cardinals executive, filed an arbitration claim on Tuesday. The claim argued that Bidwill took part in “gross misconduct” which included cheating, discrimination, and harassment.

One claim in particular was focused on the shady moves between Bidwill and former general manager Steve Keim. McDonough claimed that Michael Bidwill and coach Steve Wilks used burner phones during a five-week period in which Keim was suspended from the league. Keim would later part ways with the Cardinals a few months later due to “health-related issues.”

McDonough claims that he still has possession of the burner phone, and inside the phone holds alleged cheating evidence along with other misconduct.

From the arbitration:

“In response to McDonough’s objection to the illicit burner phone scheme, Bidwill cursed at, berated, and formally reprimanded McDonough, and ultimately demoted him – irrevocably damaging the trajectory of McDonough’s 34-year career in the National Football League.”

Even more disturbing, the arbitration included a section accusing Bidwill of “creating a fear for minority employees” along with unthinkable treatment of pregnant women. In one instance, Bidwill allegedly brought two pregnant women to tears after “abusive and bullying mistreatment.”

In response, Cardinals external public relations advisor Jim McCarthy has denied any wrongdoing from the organization. “Claims he has made in an arbitration filing are wildly false, reckless, and an opportunistic ploy for financial gain. Our position was consistent with many efforts we’ve made to accommodate Terry during his time with the team, despite difficulties in his personal life and his often-volatile demeanor toward colleagues.”

Terry McDonough served as the Cardinals’ vice president of player personnel from 2014-2019 while Bidwill has been a part of the organization since 1996 but only recently took over as owner in 2019.

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