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Mikal Bridges Had a Feeling The Suns Would Trade Him For Kevin Durant

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Mikal Bridges knew all along since last summer that there was a possibility that Kevin Durant could potentially become a Phoenix Sun since trade rumors appeared last summer and Durant made his interest known that he had Phoenix on his radar as a team he would love to play on.

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This in essence made Bridges prepare for the eventual with much more ease as he had plenty of time to understand the business of NBA trade rumors. Bridges appeared on JJ Reddick’s podcast “The Old Man and the Three” and talked about why he was happy when Durant made his trade requests known publicly so that he can be prepared for what could potentially come.

“The only good thing about it was just I’m happy he said something in the summer so it was like always in the back of my head,” said Bridges. “If he never said anything I probably wouldn’t have thought me going to Brooklyn would be a thing like ever.”

One thing that Bridges understood as well, was that he would 100% be a part of the trade if they made it happen. That thinking made Bridges even more at ease with the decision because it’s part of the business.

“Well I know I’m going to be involved,” said Bridges. “Like you just know, I’m like same position, the money and stuff I’m like okay I’m going to have to be a part of this.”

“And when it happened it was just like I get it. It’s like I said how I thought how nice we were going to be when everybody’s coming back and how we were. I’m just like I know we’re losing me and Cam but like you get T.J. and you get KD.” 

In the video, Bridges also alluded to how he thinks Durant doesn’t affect the team on defense individually as much as he did but that it doesn’t play a huge role because of how the Suns play team defense. The difference is Durant adds 30 points for them which makes them that much scarier on the offensive end.

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Bridges is already making a huge difference in Brooklyn as he just dropped 42 points not too long ago. Now the Suns are just waiting for Kevin Durant’s debut before they go full steam ahead to chase for the Bill O’Brien trophy.

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