Baseball Brawl: Anderson vs. Ramírez

White Sox vs. Guardians game: Tim Anderson and José Ramírez fight after dispute over a tag at second base.

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Baseball Brawl

MLB players Mookie Betts and Corbin Carroll react to the fight, discussing future protocol with Diamondbacks.

Player Reactions

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Diamondbacks hold team meeting about the fight, emphasize responding if someone gets knocked out on the field.

Team Discussion

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Umpires allow rare on-field fight between Anderson and Ramírez; observation of aftermath by Carroll and Betts.

Umpire Response

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Multi-round brawl ensues between AL Central teams, with some players getting involved.

On-Field Brawl

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Suspensions issued, including Anderson and Ramírez; other individuals also suspended for their roles.

Suspensions Issued

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Ramírez attempts to apologize to Anderson, who has not responded; Anderson's cryptic tweets follow the incident.

Apology Attempt

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