Suns' Free Agency and Kuzma

The free agency board is shaping up, revealing possibilities for the Phoenix Suns to strengthen their roster.

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Free Agency Board

Kyle Kuzma has been a frequently mentioned target for the Suns due to his connections with Devin Booker and compatible playing style.

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Target: Kyle Kuzma

However, financial constraints may hinder the Suns' pursuit of Kuzma, as he is expected to decline a $13 million player option and enter free agency.

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Financial Constraints

The Washington Wizards' potential rebuild adds another layer of uncertainty to Kuzma's free agency prospects.

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Washington Wizards

Kuzma's value is likely to exceed his expiring $13 million contract, making him a coveted forward for many contending teams.

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Kuzma's Value

The Suns' limited cap space and significant contracts for Booker, Kevin Durant, and Deandre Ayton complicate their pursuit of Kuzma.

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Limited Cap Space

The Suns may need to explore options such as moving Ayton or resolving the Chris Paul situation to create room for Kuzma, otherwise, securing him may prove challenging.

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Ayton or Paul


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