Roster Moves: Solomon and Robinson

Peter Solomon designated for assignment, Kristian Robinson optioned to Single-A Visalia.

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Roster Changes

Solomon's poor performances as a middle reliever: 12.15 ERA, minimal strikeouts, and control issues.

Solomon's Struggles

Kristian Robinson, a once-promising prospect, seeks a path back to the major leagues after setbacks.

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Robinson's Potential

Solomon's ineffective outings, struggling to find consistency, with a high walk rate and low strikeouts.

Bullpen Struggles

Assessing the Diamondbacks' decision to acquire Solomon off waivers amid his lack of play in 2022.

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Evaluating Acquisition

Despite obstacles, 22-year-old Robinson remains hopeful for a chance to impact the Diamondbacks' lineup.

Robinson's Journey

The Diamondbacks anticipate Robinson's potential impact while Solomon's struggles raise questions about his future.

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Future Outlook