Kevin Young Stays as Suns' Top Assistant

Kevin Young, a finalist for the head coaching position, might remain as the top assistant coach for the Phoenix Suns next season.

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Kevin Young's potential return

Young's expertise lies in offense, ensuring the Suns' offensive philosophy remains intact.

Offensive-minded coach

With Young staying, the team aims to make significant defensive adjustments, complementing the coaching strengths of Frank Vogel, one of the league's best defensive-minded coaches.

Defensive upgrade

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Suns' star player, Devin Booker, reportedly favored Young as the next head coach before the decision took another direction.

Devin Booker's preference

Retaining Young as a top assistant coach allows the Suns to benefit from a defensive upgrade while keeping their offensive guru.

Best of both worlds

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While there hasn't been an official announcement, all parties involved express confidence in Young returning to Phoenix in some capacity.

No official report yet

The Suns look to leverage Young's presence to help the team make another run at an NBA championship.

Pursuit of NBA championship

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