Edwards vs. Suns: Playoff Redemption 


Videos resurfaced of Anthony Edwards mocking the Phoenix Suns' playoff performance in 2022, highlighting their blowout loss to the Dallas Mavericks. 

Resurfaced Videos 

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Edwards emphasized the Suns' poor performance despite their No. 1 seed status, as the Timberwolves, seeded seventh, were eliminated in the first round by the Memphis Grizzlies. 

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Mocking Performance 

Another video shows Edwards discussing matchups, jokingly comparing Jaden McDaniels to Kevin Durant after Durant joined the Suns. 

Playoff Jokes 

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Despite Edwards' jests, the Suns have dominated the Timberwolves in regular-season matchups, with Edwards boasting a 2-11 record against them. 

Dominance Record 

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Phoenix swept the Timberwolves in the 2023-2024 regular season, with Edwards struggling to perform against them. 

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Season Sweeps 

Edwards aims to prove himself in the playoffs and overcome his past struggles against the Suns, acknowledging that regular-season performance doesn't necessarily predict playoff outcomes. 

Playoff Redemption 

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