Cardinals' Draft Slide Sparks Concerns

The Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals played a game, with the Colts winning.

Colts Victory

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Arizona's draft position significantly dropped due to the loss, owning two first-round picks in 2024 (their own and the Houston Texans' pick).

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Draft Drop

Houston's pick, now owned by Arizona, is currently 22nd overall, subject to change based on the Texans' playoff performance.

Current Position

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Some Cardinals fans are unhappy with the team's current draft position, as they were initially projected to potentially have the top two picks in the 2024 Draft.

Fan Discontent

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The Cardinals' own draft pick dropped to fourth overall after a Week 17 win against Philadelphia, leading some fans to suggest the team should actively tank.

Tanking Debate

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Overall, Arizona's draft prospects for 2024 have shifted from an anticipated high position to having at best two top-19 picks in April.

Altered Prospects

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