Budda Baker's Trade Request: Updates

Budda Baker, a Pro Bowl cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, attended the team's first minicamp practice but did not participate in drills.

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Budda Baker's Presence

Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon seemed optimistic about the situation, indicating that negotiations between Baker and the team had improved.

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Optimistic Negotiations

Baker is currently dealing with the "business side of things" and is unlikely to take the field this week, according to Gannon.

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Business Side

Cardinals linebacker Dennis Gardeck expressed confidence that Baker's absence from practice would not be a concern.

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Dennis Gardeck's Confidence

Baker has spent his entire six-year career with the Cardinals and has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times.

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Six-Year Cardinal

With a new coaching staff and general manager in place, Baker has shifted his focus towards finding a new team that can offer him a chance at a championship.

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Championship Pursuit

Updates on the ongoing negotiations between Baker and the Cardinals are expected as both parties work towards reaching a deal.

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Ongoing Negotiations


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