Beal's Buzzer-Beater Ignites Suns' Victory Streak

Bradley Beal scored a season-high 25 points against the Orlando Magic, leading the Suns to a 112-107 win, their third consecutive victory.

Beal's Brilliance

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Beal showcased exceptional efficiency with a 10-13 shooting performance.

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Efficient Scoring

Despite a 16-point lead in the 2nd half, the Magic staged a comeback, taking a one-point lead due to a poor 10-minute shooting stretch by the Suns.

Second-Half Struggle

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Beal's signature shuffle celebration after the buzzer-beater was credited to teammate Saben Lee, who introduced the move to him.

Signature Shuffle

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The Suns have gained momentum with three consecutive wins and will aim for a fourth against the Portland Trail Blazers on New Year's Day.

Building Momentum

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Beal humorously mentioned that Lee makes him do the shuffle after every good play.

Lee's Influence

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