WNBA Transforms Travel: Charter Initiative 


WNBA teams will soon have access to chartered flights funded by the league, costing nearly $25 million per year for the next two seasons.

 Chartered Flight

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This initiative comes after years of teams facing travel obstacles, primarily relying on commercial airlines or public charters like JSX.

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 Travel Obstacle

Commissioner Cathy Engelbert announced the program, which will cover playoffs and back-to-back games, including during the Olympics break, enhancing travel convenience for players.

 League Funding

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 Phoenix Mercury's shooting guard Christyn Williams expresses excitement, believing chartered flights should have been available earlier for professional teams.  

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 Player Excitement

 Previously, teams were only permitted to use chartered flights for back-to-back games.

 Previous Restriction

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 Chartered flights will provide players with private air terminals, streamlining travel and offering convenience by facilitating direct transitions to transportation upon arrival.

Travel Convenience

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