Suns Shine in Home Opener

Arizona State upset Washington State with a 38-27 win, marking their first Pac-12 victory of the season.

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Upset Victory

The game featured over 500 yards of offense for Arizona State and five rushing touchdowns.

Offensive Explosion

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Both teams started the game with quick touchdowns, but the first half remained tied at 7-7 until both offenses came alive.

Early Scoring

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DeCarlos Brooks and Cameron Ward were key contributors to the scoring for Arizona State and Washington State.

Key Players

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ASU's defense played a pivotal role, holding Washington State to field goals and stopping them on critical drives.

Defensive Stand

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Arizona State improved to a 2-6 record, while Washington State fell to 4-4, with ASU's defense limiting the #2 ranked passing offense in college football to 315 yards.

Season Impact

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