Suns' Preseason Takeaways

Phoenix Suns won their second preseason game against the Portland Trail Blazers with a 117-106 victory.

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Preseason Victory

Devin Booker's exceptional shooting skills from last season's playoffs have carried over to the preseason.

Booker's Shooting

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The Suns demonstrated focus and determination in this game, despite it being a potential trap game.

Trap Game

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They maintained their intensity and didn't underestimate their opponents, showing their championship aspirations.

Grayson Allen

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Grayson Allen's game is evolving beyond just three-point shooting, with more aggressive drives to the rim.

Evolving Game

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With the Suns, Allen's driving abilities may flourish alongside elite shooters like Booker, Durant, and Beal.

Suns' Potential

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