Suns' Playoff Push: Injury Woes and Tough Opponents Ahead

With 10 critical games remaining, Suns need wins urgently after a recent loss. Facing tough opponents with a combined win percentage of .647.

Phoenix Suns' Dire Situation

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Suns are eighth, only 0.5 games ahead of sixth and seventh seeds, with a 2.5-game lead over the ninth-placed Lakers.

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Western Conference Standings

Suns face defending champions Denver Nuggets, who are in excellent form

Tomorrow's Crucial Matchup

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Suns' Bradley Beal and Jusuf Nurkić questionable; Nuggets' Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon also uncertain.

Injury Concerns

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Suns surprisingly defeated Nuggets in their last meeting, missing key players. Tomorrow marks their final regular-season clash.

Previous Encounter

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 Kevin Durant stresses the need for action over talk. Recognizes Nuggets' championship pedigree and tough playing style.

Durant's Insight

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Despite challenges, Suns are determined and look forward to the challenge.

Suns' Outlook

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