Suns Outshine Bucks: 114-106 Victory

Phoenix Suns secure a 114-106 win, contributing to the Milwaukee Bucks' 1-4 record under Doc Rivers.

Suns Defeat Bucks

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Suns' trio, led by Devin Booker (32 points) and Kevin Durant (28 points), scores 85 points collectively.

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Big Three Dominance

Durant's 4th Quarter Surge

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Milwaukee misses key players Damion Lillard and Brook Lopez, losing three of their last four games.

Bucks Shorthanded

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Overcoming their notorious struggles, the Suns outscore the Bucks in the final quarter.

Suns' 4th Quarter Improvement

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Milwaukee's loss ends a 26-game winning streak on Tuesdays.

Bucks' Streak Snapped

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Phoenix has won 11 of their last 14 games and boasts a 16-6 record when fully healthy.

Suns' Strong Form

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