Suns' Epic Comeback: Goodwin's Heroics

Phoenix Suns initially struggled with the NBA's worst fourth-quarter net rating, facing setbacks, including a recent loss to the Knicks.

Suns' Fourth-Quarter Struggles

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Despite trailing the Wizards by eight points in the third quarter, the Suns orchestrated a remarkable fourth-quarter comeback, outscoring Washington 31-19.

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Impressive Comeback

Acquired in the Bradley Beal trade, Jordan Goodwin played a pivotal role in the comeback, demonstrating his significance in crucial moments.

Jordan Goodwin's Impact

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Goodwin's eight points, eight rebounds, and six assists, including a +17 rating in just 20 minutes, highlighted his impact on the game.

Game-Changing Performance

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This wasn't the first time Goodwin provided a spark for the Suns in the fourth quarter, emphasizing his reliability in critical situations throughout the season.

Consistent Spark

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Suns' guard Devin Booker acknowledged Goodwin's game-changing contributions, emphasizing his role in quickly erasing the fourth-quarter deficit and securing the victory.

Booker's Recognition

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