Suns' Beal Acquisition and Salary Cap Concerns

Bradley Beal reportedly preferred the Phoenix Suns over other teams, indicating players' interest in the Suns' progress.

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Beal's preference

The Suns acquired Beal through a salary dump and his no-trade clause, obtaining an all-star caliber player at no cost.

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Salary dump steal

Beal's contract will amount to $208 million over four years, with the Suns already allocating $131 million to Beal, Booker, and Durant.

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Beal's hefty contract

The Suns must be cautious about exceeding the luxury tax cutoff point of $162 million and the first luxury tax apron at $169 million.

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Luxury tax concerns

Going over the 2nd luxury tax apron would result in penalties such as losing draft picks, mid-level exception rights, and buyout rights.

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Penalties at apron

The Suns need to prioritize signing players to veteran minimum contracts, which requires utilizing the mid-level exception effectively

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Minimum contract focus

With only six players currently under contract, the Suns must continue to be creative in their offseason moves to free up cap space and build the rest of their roster.

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Creative offseason moves


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