Jorge Soler D-backs Power Boost

ESPN's David Schoenfield identifies power hitter Jorge Soler as an "under the radar" option for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the upcoming offseason.

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Soler Identified

The Diamondbacks are in need of a primary designated hitter, and Soler is seen as a fitting candidate to address their power deficiency, as the team finished 22nd in home runs last season.

Power Deficiency

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In 2022, Soler earned his first All-Star Game invitation with 36 home runs, although this fell short of his career-high 48 home runs in 2019 while playing for the Kansas City Royals.

All-Star Invite

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Despite not reaching the 40+ home run mark in recent seasons, Soler is known for hitting the ball exceptionally hard.

Career-High 48

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The analysis suggests that Soler's power-hitting abilities could be a valuable addition to the Diamondbacks' lineup, addressing their need for improvement in the long ball department.

Hard-Hitting Stats

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Schoenfield considers Soler a "possible fit" for the Diamondbacks based on his power-hitting capabilities, potentially enhancing the team's offensive performance.

Possible Fit

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