Phoenix Suns' Murky Offseason

The Phoenix Suns are considering the possibility of moving Deandre Ayton, the former No.1 pick.

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Potential Ayton Trade

Ayton's future with the Suns is intertwined with that of Chris Paul, who could also be on the move.

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Involvement of Chris Paul

Suns' GM James Jones aims to build a championship roster around Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

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Building a Championship Roster

Ayton's potential trade could help the Suns add depth to their roster amid cap space limitations.

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Cap Space Constraints

Despite signing a max extension, Ayton has yet to live up to the expectations of a No.1 pick.

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Ayton's Performance

Including Ayton in trades could entice other teams and enhance potential deals for the Suns.

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Sweetening the Deal

The Suns' pursuit of success, especially after acquiring Durant, puts them on a timeline.

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Time is of the Essence


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