MLB Brawl Sparks New Protocols

Brawl Protocol


11 August ,2023

Tim Anderson and José Ramírez engaged in a fierce fist fight near second base, creating an unforgettable moment in MLB history.

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MLB Brawl

Corbin Carroll, in a podcast with Mookie Betts, revealed that the Diamondbacks held a players-only meeting after the fight to discuss future protocols.

Diamondbacks' Meeting

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Carroll stated that the Diamondbacks decided that if someone is knocked out on the field, retaliation would follow, emphasizing the need to protect teammates.

Field Retaliation

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Mookie Betts agreed with Carroll's sentiment, emphasizing the importance of looking out for one's teammates.

Teammate Protection

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Interestingly, the Diamondbacks had previously been involved in a significant brawl against their arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in 2013.

Rival Brawl

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During the 2013 incident, Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy hit Yasiel Puig and Zack Greinke in the face with fastballs in the same game.

2013 Incident

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The aftermath of the plunking led to a bench-clearing brawl involving both teams, resulting in the ejection of six players.

Bench-Clearing Clash

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