Kyle Lewis' Majors Struggle: A Reevaluation

Persistent Slump


20 August ,2023

Diamondbacks' strong offensive performance on Saturday.

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Strong Offense

Kyle Lewis continues to struggle with persistent batting slump in majors.

Lewis Struggles

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Lewis' recent performance: 0-5 with 4 strikeouts, dropping his season average to .157.

Slump Continues

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High strikeout rate (21) compared to hits (8) this season.

Recent Performance

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Lewis' successful past: 2020 Rookie of the Year with .262 average and .801 OPS.

Past Success

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Impressive minor league stats in Triple-A, hitting .361 with 14 home runs in 2022.

Minor League Shine

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Suggestion to send Lewis back to Triple-A to regain form amid Diamondbacks' playoff race.

Reevaluate Position

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