Finding the Phoenix Suns' Pace

NBA success is closely tied to pace, which measures a team's number of possessions per game.

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NBA Success

Faster paces were traditionally seen as the path to success in the NBA during the 2010s.

Pace's Influence

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The Denver Nuggets won the championship with a slower pace but efficient offense, thanks in part to Nikola Jokic's playmaking.

Nuggets' Efficient Offense

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The Phoenix Suns had a middle-of-the-road pace and scoring in the previous season, making it hard to determine their ideal offensive pace.

Suns' Challenge

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Suns' head coach Frank Vogel typically leads slower-paced teams, influenced by his defensive coaching background.

Vogel's Coaching Style

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The Suns may find their sweet spot between 10th and 15th in pace, balancing offense and defense effectively.

Finding Optimal Pace

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