Edmonds Declares: NFL Bound


Senior defensive back, Chris Edmonds, announces entry into the 2024 NFL Draft via Twitter.

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Chris Edmonds NFL Declaration

Edmonds transferred from Samford University, where he earned First Team All-SoCon honors and showcased impressive interception skills.

Samford University Transfer

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Edmonds, a talented player, faces uncertainty about getting drafted despite his potential.

NFL Draft Prospects

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Edmonds excelled in one year of Dillingham's system at ASU, aiming to continue his success in the NFL.

Dillingham's System Impact

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Edmonds joins Dashaun Mallory and Joey Ramos as Arizona State players declaring for the NFL Draft.

Joined by Mallory and Ramos

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Edmonds looks forward to translating his skills to the NFL, building on his success in Dillingham's system.

Future Sundays Aspiration

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