Durant's Basketball Journey and Legends 


Kevin Durant met NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon at a Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) tournament in Atlanta where Durant's AAU team, "Team Durant," was playing.

 Durant meets Olajuwon

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 Durant's 15U team includes top-ranked freshman Baba Oladotun.

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 AAU Tournament Encounter

Durant shared a photo with Olajuwon on his Instagram story, expressing admiration for him.

 Instagram Tribute

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 Durant passed Olajuwon on the NBA's all-time scoring list, now ranking eighth with 28,924 career points.

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 Career Scoring Milestone

Devin Booker included both Olajuwon and Durant in his all-time starting 5.

 Booker's Starting 5

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 Durant's career scoring places him just behind Wilt Chamberlain, who ranks seventh with 31,419 points, while Olajuwon scored 26,946 points in his career.

 Comparing Career Point

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