Diamondbacks Clinch Wild Card Spot


The Arizona Diamondbacks secured a Wild Card spot in the playoffs after the Cincinnati Reds lost to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Clinching Success

This marks the Diamondbacks' first postseason appearance since 2017, when they won the Wild Card game but were swept in the divisional series by the Dodgers.

Recent Playoff History

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The Diamondbacks were in the middle of a game against the Astros at the time, trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Live Game Update

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If the Diamondbacks win their game, they will become the No. 5 seed in the NL and face the Phillies in a best-of-three matchup.

Playoff Seeding Scenarios

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However, if the Diamondbacks lose and the Marlins win, Miami would take the No. 5 seed, and the Diamondbacks would face the No. 3-seeded Brewers.

Tiebreaker Situation

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The Marlins hold the tiebreaker over the Diamondbacks, and a makeup game against the Mets on Monday could impact their seeding.

Playoff Game Date

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Arizona Diamondbacks Clinch Wild Card Spot with Reds Loss