Bridges Shines in Phoenix Return

Brooklyn Nets, with a 13-10 record, defeated the Phoenix Suns (13-11) 116-112 in a game notable for Mikal Bridges' return to Phoenix.

Victory Return

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Former Suns players Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson received louder cheers from Suns fans than the home team throughout the night.

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Fan Fervor

The Suns' Big 3 made their debut, but Bridges and Johnson played a crucial role in spoiling their introduction.

Big 3 Debut

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Despite the competitive atmosphere, Suns fans showed immense love for Bridges, and they cheered for him more than for their own team.

Fans' Love

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Bridges expressed gratitude for the tribute video created by the Suns in his honor and acknowledged the warmth and support from the fans.

Tribute Gratitude

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Reflecting on his return, Bridges emphasized the greatness of Phoenix fans and how their support left a lasting impression on him.

Phoenix Impress

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