ASU's Thrilling Comeback Victory

Arizona State, led by Bobby Hurley, stages yet another second-half comeback, erasing a 16-point deficit against Cal.

ASU Comeback Mastery

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Frankie Collins shines with a career-high 25 points and six steals, playing a key role in ASU's victory.

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Frankie Collins' Brilliance

Frankie Collins scores 17 in the second half, and Kamari Lands adds 11 as ASU mounts a comeback.

Collins & Lands Spark Comeback

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Arizona State's defensive press proves effective, forcing ten turnovers in the second half and contributing to Cal's downfall.

ASU's Press Disrupts Cal

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ASU's victory propels them to a 7-5 overall record and a 2-0 start in conference play, while Cal drops to 4-9.

ASU 2-0 in Conference

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Arizona State faces tough matchups against Utah and Colorado, two formidable teams in the conference, in the upcoming week.

Upcoming Challenges for ASU

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